The iterative process began early with me, drawing picture after picture—mostly of my father and occasionally of other select family members or friends—on a small white pad of paper with a pencil or pen. There were many similar renderings, but now and then, something different happened. It may have been significant or insignificant, better or worse, but still, different, which led to a new process of observing and drawing. “The results of one iteration are used for the starting point of the next iteration.” Cut to today, and the processes may be more complex, but the similarities remain; repetitions and evolution within those repetitions lead to new ideas and creations.

Unanswered questions, mysteries, imponderables and underlying meanings are a few of the concepts that are evoked through the work. As always, materials mark the beginning of my artistic endeavors. Oil paint, acrylic paint, papers, markers, inks and glues, and now foam, work together to become physical expressions of the quandaries of existence.  Whether I literally scrape away to reveal the underlying layers, create unfamiliar shapes or symbols, or utilize mixed media in an unexpected way, the viewer is called upon to help complete the work through their own interpretation, to look for the answers (or the questions) and hopefully be moved to find the metaphors that tie into meaningful experience.


Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, I attended Texas Christian University, receiving a B.A. in Art History in 1974. I have been creating works of art and studying with Bonny Leibowitz for the past several years. I have also enjoyed and learned much from classes and consultations with Michael O'Keefe, and, more recently, working with and learning from 
Michael David. 




June 2020 -  n+1 magazine - "Transmission" edition - Image of Graffiti on the Beach paired with essay
                     entitled "Send in the Clowns" by Namara Smith                               

2019 - Dallas Observer, "Ro2 Gallery Showcases the Seriously Silly with new Exhibitions",
            review written by Ana Astri-O-Reilly, 

2018 - Friend of the Artist (FOA), Volume 6

2017 - Peripheral Vision Arts, Issue 7, Salon 2017, Publication Fellowship Award, Curator, Georgia Erger

2017 - - Online Review of "Chaos" - Ro2 Art's  summer small works show  -
            by Todd Camplin           

2017 - Art, Artists, and Galleries, repost of Review of "Chaos" - Ro2 Art's small works show -        



 2020 - "My Corona" group show, R02 Art, Dallas, TX

 2020 -  Art Auction sponsored by R02 Gallery, Dallas, TX to benefit the North Texas Food Bank

 2020 -  “From a Distance”, Virtual group show, R02 Art, Dallas, TX
 2020 -  "The Enabling Act: A Call to Arms", group show, M. David & Co., Brooklyn, NY

 2020 -  "Back to the Future", group show, Ro2 Art Downtown, Dallas, TX

 2019  - "Chaos", Summer small works show, Ro2 Art, Dallas, TX

 2019 -  "Assembly" - Annual members show at the MAC, Dallas, TX

 2019 -  "Seriously Silly", Solo show at Ro2 Gallery, Dallas, TX

 2019 -  "Deep Leap", Group show curated by Michael O'Keefe, Kettle Art Gallery, Dallas, TX

 2018 -  "The New Art Darlings", curated by Susan Roth Romans of R02 Art, Dallas, TX, in honor of
 the memory of Cuyler Etheredge, Ft. Worth Community Arts Center, Ft. Worth, TX

 2018 -   R02 Art "SIDESHOW" - R02 Art Downtown Pop-up Gallery - Dallas, TX

 2018 -  "The Women of R02" - R02 Art Downtown Pop-up Gallery  - Dallas, TX

 2017 -   Expo 2017- 500X Gallery- Juried Exhibition, juried by Sara-Jayne Parsons, Dallas, TX

 2017 -  "Chaos" - Summer small works show, Ro2 Art, Dallas, TX

 2017 -   Dallas Art Fair, Ro2 Art, Fashion Industry Gallery, Dallas, TX

 2016 -  "Iterations" - Solo show at the Magnolia Theater/West Village,  Dallas, TX,   RO2 Art

 2016 -  "Chaos" - Summer small works show - Ro2 Art, Dallas, TX

 2015 -  "New Texas Talent XXII", juried by Terri Provencal and Barry Whistler, Craighead Green Gallery,

               Dallas, TX

 2015 -  "Art Hop - 2015", juried by Claude Van Lingen, Georgetown Art Center, Georgetown, TX

 2015 -  "Family Ties - Brooklyn/Dallas", curated by Bonny Leibowitz and Julie Torres,  500X Gallery,

               Dallas, TX 

 2013 -  "Chaos"  - Summer small works show - R02 Art - Dallas, TX

 2013 -    Texas National Art Competition & Exhibition - juried by Peter Selz, SFASU, Nacogdoches, TX

 2013 -   Hunting Art Prize Finalists Exhibition, juried by Karlota Contreras-Koterbay, Jeanne Klein and  

               Margaret Winslow, Hunting PLC, Houston, TX  

 2013 -   Plano Art Association 125, 8th Annual Juried Exhibition, juried by Bonny Leibowitz and 
              Jordan Roth,
 Plano, TX ,     2nd Place Award

 2013 -   Expo 2013 - 500X Gallery - Juried Exhibition, juried by Iris Bechtol, Dallas, TX

 2012 -   Plano Art Association 125, 7th Annual Juried Exhibition, juried by  Laura Green
              and Ryder Richards, Plano, TX             

 2011 -  Fresh Faces 2X2 - White Rock Bath House Cultural Center - curated by Rita Barnard,  Dallas, TX

 2011 -  Plano Art Association 125, 6th Annual Juried Exhibition, juried by
              Michael O'Keefe and Enrique Cervantes,
 Plano, TX


Lancaster Hotel - Houston TX




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