This body of work was produced during the pandemic, which has been a time of introspection and re-evaluation; a time of re-articulation that expanded and informed the artist's way of seeing.  The time of quarantine was, no doubt, different for everyone, but for many of us resulted in, on various levels, a re-thinking of what we value and what we believe in. This new body of work reveals an oil painting process intuitive (based on speed of application) in nature, but creates a precise, detailed rendered language of abstraction.  One might say that the outside world has been re-interpreted or re-seen internally, resulting in familiar, yet at times, ambiguous images; a vision of re-articulation. Simultaneously abstract and photographic in nature, they occasionally imply recognizable images that refer to Steam Punk, Goya, Bosch, 19th century floral still life, or imagined but fully articulated objects and places. This ambiguous space provokes unanswered questions, of what we are seeing and what we believe in. RevenantNot VoidAbout to SplitDross 2What's leftRunning RedHell freezing overPennateShackleton's DiscoverySubterraneBetween Sunset and SunriseRain, Speed and Reflection (for JM Turner)VentanaAn interesting place to sitGovernment BuildingKlein's tornadoPastel PastoralPeaceA Swag of FaunaIce Station ZeroUnhingedGarden of Unearthly DelightsDrossExquisite ExplosionWishbonesMouse HouseMetallic MonarchyGarden of Unearthly Delights 2Pennate 2A Swag of Fauna 2Lion and TreeBait BallCobra LilyQueen of HeartsSuspended AnimationStackShenlongGorky's DilemmaRe-birth of VenusRe-birth of Venus 2StavesFrankenstein in Antarctica 2A Swag of Fauna 3